The Studio

1 || Safety

✔️Proper PPE. While working with harsh chemicals throughout the process, safety comes first. 

2 || Stem Revival
The day your flowers arrive, they are delicately assorted by each type of stem. Any flowers that may need revival are showered with TLC to their optimal condition with the assistance of botanical experts. Your flowers are then deconstructed and prepared for the drying process. 
3 || Petal Prep 
Using special techniques and tools that best maintain their shape and color, your flowers are completely cleaned and dried. Each petal is assessed for potential bruising, chemicals, or scratches so that only your best pieces are saved. Once your flowers are dry, they are re-evaluated for imperfections, carefully re-moved of drying sand, and further prepared for preservation.  
4 || Design 

The design of your bridal artwork is best determined by you! I want to make sure the final design reflects your style and personality! You will be asked questions to make sure we cover what you have in mind, and sent a few designs for approval. 

5 || MAGIC

Only the highest grade of UV-resistant resin, quality materials, and steps I've personally discovered work best are used to ensure the clarity and longevity of your artworks. The preservation process requires patience, experience, and most importantly, knowledge of the science between botanicals and resin. 


Your final pieces are polished and finished. 


Your completed artworks are hand packaged, sealed, and delivered by your flower fairy. You will receive special care instructions for your flowers, ever after!



always believe in magic.