The Magical Process

 Safety & Science

While working with harsh chemicals throughout the process, safety comes first. We have dedicated over a year to experimenting what works best, and kept logs of various types of botanicals so that when your bouquet arrives, we know exactly how to process every petal. 

  Stem Revival
The day your flowers arrive, they are carefully assorted by each type of stem. Any flowers that may need revival are showered with TLC to their optimal condition. Your happiest, healthiest blooms are then deconstructed and prepared for the drying process. 

Using special tools and techniques that best maintain your flowers shape and color, your blooms are professionally dried. This might seem like a simple step, but there is a technique for quality results. It takes practice.

 Petal Prep 

Once completely dried,  your fragile flowers are carefully re-evaluated, cleaned, and further prepared for the next step. 

You will get to work with your artist 1:1. If you have any sentimental flowers. favorite colors, or a layout you liked from our instagram, just let us know! The final design is completely up to you! 

Floral Magic


The preservation process requires patience, experience, and most importantly, knowledge of the science between botanicals and resin. This can take anywhere from 5-16+ hours spread across several weeks depending on the size of your block and order. 

Final Touch

 If touch-ups are necessary, it may require sanding and more layers. This can be very labor intensive and take several more weeks. 

It's a true labor of love, this floral magic thing! 


Completed artworks are hand packaged, sealed, and delivered by your flower fairy!  Special care instructions and a polishing cloth are included with your flowers' ever after. 


always believe in magic.