The Magical Process

While working with chemicals and woodworking-type harware throughout the process, safety comes first. Our studio is fully equipped with proper protective equipment (PPE) to meet safety standards. 
 Stem Revival
The day your flowers arrive, they are carefully assorted by each type of stem. Any flowers that may need revival are showered with TLC to their optimal condition. Your happiest, healthiest blooms are then deconstructed and prepared for the drying process. 

Your blooms are professionally dried or pressed. Our owner has years of experience mastering the science behind how to properly process your bouquet without error, using special tools and techniques that best maintain your flower's shape and color. 

This step can take several weeks or months, depending on the types of elements in your bouquet. Please anticipate lead times of around 4 months before we reach out with the next steps. In the meantime, we will send over a design questionaire for you to fill out. 

Petal Prep 
Once completely dried,  your fragile flowers are carefully prepared, petal by petal. This timeframe will depend on how many flowers we have prepared based on the size of your order. Please be sure to complete our design questionnaire so we can get started on the next step as soon as your flowers are ready!  


Once your flowers are fully prepped, we will begin designs based on your design survey! You will get to work with your artist 1:1. We will make sure to include any favorite flowers, colors, or sentimental elements. 

Due to time sensitivity, we kindly request a speedy response to our designs for approval.  If we see your flowers begin to lose vibrancy we may begin the process at the artist's discretion. Space is also limited on the design table, so it's important to approve our designs quickly.

We take pride in our designs, some studios will charge extra to move things around. We don't, as we are confident you will love our artist's composition and design, our artist takes time with each and every project with love and attention to detail. 

Please be patient, sometimes art and finding that right balance of your flowers takes time, we don't rush creativity and we hope you can see that in our work.

Floral Magic

 The preservation process requires patience, experience, and most importantly, knowledge of the science between botanicals and resin. This can take anywhere from 8-16+ hours spread across several weeks depending on the size of your block and order. Please note, these beautiful artworks are created in small layers, which is why it takes a while to complete. We are unable to meet requested deadlines or expedite orders as we are only able to work as quickly as the resin allows us to. We are happy to provide estimated dates of completion, however we cannot promise a date simply because our mediums can be unpredictable. Even the weather sometimes effects things. It really is a science!  

Final Touch

If touch-ups are necessary, it may require sanding and more layers. We call this the royal treatment. This can be very labor intensive and take several more weeks. We will keep you in the loop if this step is necessary and thank you in advance for understanding this is a process.     


Completed artworks are hand packaged, sealed, and delivered by your flower fairy! We will print your shipping label sooner than delivery as we get our batches of beloved artworks prepared for one big shipment. Once your package is shipped, you will be notified. Special care instructions and a polishing cloth are included with your flowers' ever after. Keep an eye out for our flower fairy on your doorstep!  

It's a true labor of love, this floral magic thing. We thank you for your patience during the wedding boom and keeping update requests to a minimum so we can focus on the quality of our work. Standard turnaround for our little flower preservation industry is currently an average 6 months. It's a process, but you know what they say... go where the lines are long! All good things take time. We promise it's worth the wait and are very excited to re-unite you with your flowers.


always believe in magic.