Once Upon a Quarantine...

Thank you for visiting this magical studio! My name is Crystal, your flower fairy, artist and owner of Ever After Bouquet. 

We all have an emotional tie with florals, whether it be a name, an occasion, or a memory...flowers tell a story. Here's a little bit about me, my journey, and my personal sentiment with flowers. 

How it Started 
My story begins in Colorado before relocating to Southern California in 2017, leaving my beloved corporate sales desk behind with a business degree and great resume, though I quickly discovered that planting roots in the golden state can be challenging. I found myself working gigs until the year of 2020. 

While unemployed due to covid, I began this new hobby, dedicating my entire quarantine (over a year) to learning, experimenting, and perfecting this technique. I invested my unemployment paychecks into this expensive venture, with little certainty of the economic future. 

When this passion began, there were hardly molds available, there was no trending Tik Tok , or tutorials on this floral science. I took notes, crafted my own molds, and forced myself to make every mistake possible before accepting a wedding bouquet. 

Through the triumph of covid, during  a climate of uncertainty, and investing my all into this business, I took a leap of faith that it would bloom! 

I am delighted to first introduce this modern twist on floral preservation to Southern California weddings! 

Quarantine for me, was much a blessing. I am currently working on a special project in honor of those who were less fortunate. 

To learn more about my journey and growth within this new and exciting industry, head to Temecula Stories Podcast, Episode 2. 

What It's All About 
What's in a flower? The way iris bloom around my birthday, that birds of paradise are my grandmother's favorite, or that my mother has grown lilac in our backyard since I can remember. Flowers are my medium, but memories are what I preserve. I have always been my grandmother's "little rosebud." Feeling this business helped me "bloom," I preserved a David Austin Evelyn rose for her as a token for her sister Evelyn who passed long ago, pulling her heartstrings. At that moment, I truly appreciated my passion- to create something sentimental, something beautiful that may be cherished forever and passed down for generations. If you have a special request beyond weddings, please don't hesitate to contact me. I can't wait to hear your floral story!  


The studio is located in the heart of Southern California's wineries, in a wedding destination area. We are conveniently off highway 15 for bouquet drop-off's. 

Bouquet's are welcome to be shipped nationwide! 



By appointment only