New beginnings 

New Beginnings 

Is your wedding bouquet collecting dust? Dried flowers preserve beautifully in resin! Let's give it a new beginning. Another option? We can re-make your wedding bouquet, just as it was, so you may take advantage of the magical process! 

how it works

We will discuss what elements of your bouquet were uniquely yours and special to you on your wedding day. Based on the season of your florals, we can get an estimated timeline for your order.  
Once your flowers are sourced, they will be carefully prepared for the preservation process. Your botanical artist will then work with you 1:1 to create your custom artwork based on your style! 
Once your artworks are completed, your items are hand packaged and delivered to your doorstep for you to cherish, happily ever after! 


Marin Julia

Meet Karese

Floral Designer

Meet Karese, our local wedding floral designer who happens to be a California State Champion in Floriculture (flower design and identification). With her magic, we can re-create your wedding bouquet so that you may enjoy the special preservation process. 


$200 Consultation & Floral Sourcing + $350 Minimum for Artworks

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still have your bouquet? 

Your air-dried bouquet is welcome to the studio! In fact, dried flowers preserve beautifully! Please send a photo of your dried bouquet to INFO@EVERAFTERBOUQUET.COM so we can assess their current condition. Once approved, be sure to enter discount code LOVED10 at checkout. No reservation is required.