Bouquet Care

It's your wedding day. Be wild, be carefree! While it is expected your flowers will have a good time, please read these tips and tricks to keep your flowers at their best during your big day! The care of your bouquet is fundamental to the final outcome of your preservation floral artworks.  

bouquet care 


Have the best day ever! Please assign a trusted family member or friend who may assist in keeping your bouquet safe.


If your bouquet needs a break, get it into a cool area indoors with a vase of fresh water. 


Petals bruise easily. Avoid dropping, touching, bumping, or laying your blooms down on their side. Most importantly, avoid that bouquet toss! 


If it's a must, please utilize a secondary arrangement. Perhaps a guest table centerpiece, or have your floral designer create a smaller bouquet for this special moment. 


Snip the ends of all floral stems at an angle under cold water. Remove any leaves from the bottoms and place them back into a clean vase with fresh water daily, Store in a fruit-free refrigerator to best prolong their health! 


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Please arrive at the appointment time on your booking.  



Things get busy after the wedding, and you'll want to enjoy your honeymoon! If you are able to designate someone to assist with shipping, please make sure they receive these instructions and fully understand how to pack and ship your florals.   

shipping instructions


Snip the ends of your floral stems at an angle, placing them back into a clean vase each day after so they can hydrate plenty before shipping. Do not pack your bouquet until you are ready to ship.  

IMPORTANT : Flowers must be overnighted the following Monday or Tuesday before 3pm. Please do not ship flowers on Saturdays, postal services are closed on Sundays and we are unable to ensure thier safe handling or temperature control over the weekend. It's best to keep them safe until Monday. If there is a delay, please keep us informed. 

shipping instructions

shipping instructions

Wrap the ends of the stems in a moist (not wet) paper towel, and/or water tubes that may be found at your local florist. Secure the bottom with a sandwich bag and rubber band, to contain all moisture while in transit. 

Do not wrap or seal your bouquet in plastic materials, or it will sadly suffocate. 

 DO NOT SHIP water, vase, floral foam, or ice pack. OPTIONAL: Include your bouquet's ribbons, lace, and pins. These are a part of your bouquet's personality and we love to incorporate them within your artwork, photos, and packaging. 

 FOR THE BOUTINEER: Use a breathable plastic flower container. 
Create a vase from cardboard (ex. shoebox). 
Set flowers upright into a strong corrugated shipping box, surrounding the base with kraft paper to secure movement. 
Leave at least 3"-4" between the flowers and the top of the shipping box so they don't get squished! 
 Please write the newlywed's first and last name on a large piece of paper with the order confirmation number to include gently off to the side of flowers. No tape, please. 
Add FRAGILE, and PERISHABLE stickers, the more the better! Draw arrows pointing up and write "this side up" or, if possible, PRINT LABEL BELOW, tape to at least 2 sides of the box. PLACE SHIPPING LABEL AT TOP OF BOX. 
FedEx is recommended for flowers, because they are the quickest, most reliable and gentle. Please do not wrap the flowers at the office as some locations may give you a hard time. Whether you overnight your flowers or are able to expedite them, depending on your location.... please note the golden rule: FRESH FLOWERS MUST BE RECEIVED WITHIN 4-5 DAYS AFTER YOUR EVENT TO ENSURE OPTIMAL QUALITY FOR YOUR ARTWORK. 

Feel free to keep us posted on tracking! We will touch base to confirm your flowers have arrived safely to the studio.  :) 

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