Mastering Floral Preservation for Demanding Blooms & Succulents

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Floral Preservation Mastery for Blooms that Last Ever After “I-Do.”

When it comes to selecting flowers that are beautiful, meaningful, and durable enough to withstand your special day and the test of time, it can get overwhelming! Many floral preservationists steer away from these more time-demanding & intricate blooms, but through exquisitely delicate techniques, Ever After Bouquet continues to outshine others and preserve blooms often deemed "too difficult." Our careful craftsmanship has earned us the reputation of being premier floral preservationists, while also allowing us to help brides preserve their personal style through the accessories they love most. We hope this guide will help you in your search for spring and summer blooms and direct you toward the bouquet of your dreams. Read on, my fancy friends!

We never substitute your original arrangements' flowers with faux fixtures or color enhancements, and use the least amount of chemicals possible to maintain and appreciate the flowers' beauty in their natural form.

1.) Dusty Miller - One of our Ever After Bouquet specialties! The silvery, "dusty" leaves of Dusty Miller make it an extremely popular accent to your favorite florals adding texture, variety, and contrast. Often when preserved, Dusty Miller tends to lose its silvery color, becoming less vibrant and more dull. At Ever After, we have mastered the technique to preserve the silver look and feel in your bouquets, so your accents continue to outshine and outlast the years.

2.) Sunflowers - These beautiful yellow flowers are bold statements in any piece, but require extra love and attention. Representative of the sunflowers’ own traits of adoration, loyalty, and longevity, the process itself can be tedious and require special attention to detail. Since petals can fall from the center during preservation easily, our fairies are attentive and delicate with the process, using special tools and techniques combined with much research and a practiced eye and hand to keep petals in much their original state for preservation.

3.) Orchids - With over 100,000 varieties of orchids, each symbolizing love, beauty, luxury, and abundance, it can be hard to know which to select for your bridal bouquet! Incredibly diverse, and known to climates all over the world, orchids are prized for their exceptional beauty but are known to be a bit finicky. Orchids have a tendency to bruise easily, often browning or rotting before reaching their full potential in preservation. We are exceptionally proud to have mastered floral preservation techniques for these luxurious blooms, and welcome them as additions to your preserved masterpiece. If you are thinking of adding orchids to your bouquet, fear not! To ensure the highest quality of preservation and color, our floral preservationists delicately handle each bloom, ensuring lasting quality and color without ever substituting faux petals.

4.) Succulents - An increasingly popular trend in bouquets and arrangements, many artists avoid preserving these due to their heavy water retention. Not us! Ever After Bouquet flower fairies are proud to have added the preservation techniques of succulents and cacti to our repertoire, which allows us to use your chosen arrangement as opposed to faux succulents. 

5.) Fruits - A fan favorite especially for summer brides, adding fruits to your bouquet (berries, citrus, etc.) provides a bright pop of colour, fantastic texture, and that little something extra. Because fruits tend to be dense, they are often difficult to preserve. Ever After Bouquet has mastered the art of preserving your favorite fruits, displaying them with your blooms, never substituting for faux fruit treatments, so you can rest easy when adding your favorite berries to your bouquets!

6.) Anemone -  In Greek mythology, we're introduced to Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty. Known for her dramatic love affairs with handsome mortals and even forging an alliance between the gods and humans, oftentimes in Greek art she is depicted as holding anemone flowers in her hand. The anemone is known for opening its petals during the day, and closing at night - anticipating nightfall and resting, symbolizing relaxation and serving as a reminder to take in opportunities at the right time. Beautiful and graceful by nature, they are quite fragile when handled. With intricate tools and a delicate hand, we have constructed a process that ensures the integrity of these blooms throughout their life cycle and their final preserved displays.

7.) Birds of Paradise - Much like succulents, Birds of Paradise are heavy in water retention and are often replaced with faux fixtures. At Ever After Bouquet, we pride ourselves on never using faux fixtures or color enhancements. This is why our flower fairies have created processes that retain the flowers’ natural beauty and “spark” the happiness, optimism, and good fortune these vibrant flowers bring.

8.) Chrysanthemums "Mums" -  A symbol of hope and joy, the Chrysanthemum is one of the most cherished flowers in Japan. Every year, a festival is held in their honor, celebrating the long-standing tradition of these delicate blooms. A single petal placed at the bottom of a wine glass is said to encourage a long life full of happiness and prosperity. A symbol of joy and positivity, Mums are extremely popular amongst our brides. These whimsical blooms are extremely delicate by nature, and fall apart easily; they do require delicacy and a masterful fae eye for detail, but with much expertise and correct handling, can be preserved for long-lasting beauty.

9.) Tropical Florals - Rare and exotic, tropical florals represent luxury and lush beauty. Plumeria and hibiscus are among some of these more tricky blooms to preserve, and often artists will steer away from preserving dense tropical florals based on their tendency to be quite heavy. At Ever After Bouquet, we warmly welcome tropical flowers as artistic additions, and will carefully work to preserve each petal using our extensive research knowledge and intricate in-house methods.

10.) Tulips -  Can you imagine a world without tulips? Neither can we! Bright bursts of tulips are a symbol of awakening and life each spring. At Ever After, we take great care to preserve the petals from these beautiful blooms, a reminder to us that every moment is fleeting and precious. Tulips are a Forever favorite, with their bright, cheerful petals, evoking a new beginning and reminding us to blossom with each moment.  Although the blooms are short-lived, Ever After is committed to preserving the beauty of spring, we take great care in ensuring their delicate petals are preserved perfectly so that you can bring the essence of Spring inside your home.
Ever After Bouquets, Preserved Floral Arrangement in Transparent Crystal

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