Once upon a quarantine...

Thank you for visiting my little studio in Temecula, California. I am so excited to create something unique and beautiful with your flowers! I believe we all have an emotional tie with florals, whether it be a name, an occasion, or a tell a story. Here's a little bit about me and my personal sentiment with flowers. My journey begins in Colorado before relocating to Southern California. I left my corporate 9-5 back at home. During this new chapter and prior to the pandemic, I discovered that planting roots here in the golden state can be challenging. While unemployed due to covid, I began this new hobby, dedicating my entire quarantine (over a year) to experimenting, learning, and perfecting this technique. I am delighted to introduce this modern twist on floral preservation to Southern California weddings. 

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My inspiration

What's in a flower? The way iris bloom around my birthday, that birds of paradise are my grandmother's favorite, or that my mother has grown lilac in our backyard since I can remember. Flowers are my medium, but memories are what I preserve. 

I have always been my grandmother's "little rosebud." Feeling this business helped me "bloom," I preserved an Evelyn rose for her as a token for her sister Evelyn who passed long ago- pulling her heartstrings. At that moment, I truly appreciated my passion- to create something sentimental, something beautiful that may be cherished forever and passed down for generations. 

If you have a special request beyond weddings, please don't hesitate to contact me. I can't wait to hear your floral story!  

Your SoCal Flower Fairy,